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Malnutrition Matters is a Canadian-registered, non-profit organization, dedicated to providing sustainable low cost food technology solutions for malnutrition, primarily by using soya, but also cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables. These plant-based foods offer the greatest nutritional, environmental and economic benefits. Furthermore, soymilk and its derivative soyfoods are already well-known for their nutritional value, functionality and the sustainability of their agriculture and production.

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The services of this organization are primarily in support of NGO's / PVO's and small to medium-sized entrepreneurs to develop and expand nutrition and employment programs in developing countries. These services include: equipment supply, training and consulting for production and project management, food product development and related nutritional and agricultural issues. A main objective is to help create sustainable micro-enterprises centered on these affordable food technologies. Technology transfers, to allow the fabrication, training and service to be done in developing countries, are a principal goal and are already in progress.

The technologies and expertise relate primarily to food production in two areas. First, aqueous extraction processes resulting primarily in dairy alternative products and derivatives including soy-based beverages, yogurts, tofu, desserts, spreads, etc. The technology can also produce and preserve soups, purees, juices and other foods made from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Second, food drying systems powered by solar technology and/or biomass fuel. These systems can also be adapted to provide heat for a building at low cost. This allows for effective year-round use of the technology: using it for food drying when crops are in season, and for heating in the winter.

There is no food waste when using these technologies..